Monday, July 27, 2009


Over at the local library. 50 kids just exited from a room, laughing and crying, pushing for the computers and picture books. Thought I'd give an update... since I haven't since December of last year... oh geeze. HOLY SHIT these kids just want the computer so badly. It's her turn to use the mouse. You listen. Come on we're going the park now.

I'm gettin out of here quick... So I'll make this fast.I'm finally recording a full length. Due to be released December sometime, in the heart of montreal winters, when not really anything is happening, so it felt last year. Morgan Greenwood of Azeda Booth is producing it and we're having a hell of a time. I'm really excited for it. It's strange listening back to what you've been working on for almost three years, hearing it come alive. A very strange process indeed... I'm enjoying it so much though.
I'll post some mini clips when I get the chance... it won't take me until December to put it up. Here is a picutre of Momo and I having a good time.


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